♠ The English for Life in the UK courses place an emphasis on basic literacy and functional skills. 

♠ Starter course (UK Entry 0) All entry-level courses are tutor-led. Instructors manually grade written assignments while practice activities are automatically rated. 

♠ For pricing, visit our website. 

♠ Topics involve daily life events in an English-speaking country.

This is an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course for students who live and work in English-speaking countries or plan to do so soon.

At Entry 0, students have either no or minimal prior knowledge of English.

It follows the American CASAS Curriculum. The British government does not offer an adult ESOL curriculum. Differences between American and British government agencies, culture, pronunciation and terms are incorporated into the course to help students who live in either country. 

Topics include introductions, family and friends, school, community services, shopping, housing, recreation, health, transportation, and employment. 

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